Anna Sui Purse (Re-gift)

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My friend Jen re-gifted this turquoise Anna Sui purse to me after helping her out at Warped Tour. It was my first real designer purse since my middle school peer-pressure-induced il bisonte/Carlos Falchi years. (It’s a Great Neck thing.)

Anna Sui PurseAnna Sui PurseAnna Sui Purse

Fug or Fabulous?


80s-inspired Ski Sweater (H and M)

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Inspired by the 80s ski craze, this gray H and M number is incredibly warm, but a wee bit unflattering (tends to highlight the paunch). Still, it’s cute and toasty. Your call.

H and M Zipper SweaterH and M Zipper Sweater

Fug or Fabulous?

Pleather Wide Pink Belt with Faux Snakeskin Buckle (Loehmann’s)

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Nothing about this belt is remotely real. Faux leather, faux snakeskin – you get the picture. Still, I think it’s cute.

Wide Pink Belt

Fug or Fabulous?

80s Copper, Gold, Silver Snakeskin Box Purse (Goodwill): FUG

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The tribe has spoke: FUG

Foxy BoxyFoxy BoxyFoxy Boxy

Fug or Fabulous?


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FUG OR FABULOUS was born out of desperation. One too many trips to Loehmann’s, H and M, Marshalls, and Goodwill had my closet overflowing with things I never knew I needed nor couldn’t live without. After a while, I stopped being able to tell if they qualified as hipster hotness or just plain hideous.

So I started this blog, to let you, the relatively unbiased public decide: Are they Fug or Fabulous? Ugly or Awesome? If you hate ‘em they’re off to Goodwill. If you love ‘em, I’ll be sporting them at my next 2.0 function.

It’s up to you America